Web Developer

I'm Blake and I build websites and web apps.

I'm a web developer and Kentucky ex-pat currently residing in the Bay Area. I typically focus on Ruby on Rails with a healthy amount of JavaScript thrown in.

I'm interested in civic hacking, Ruby, maps, and building cool stuff in general. I'm a former intern at Code for America as a Google Summer of Code participant. I do everything from frontend to backend, but primarily Ruby with Rails or Sinatra, but always willing to try something new.

I'm always intersted in helping out, whether it be Rails, civic hacking, or whatever you can think of. I'm also available for contracting or consulting. So, feel free to reach out through Twitter or Email.

Recent Projects

Mapping public art around the US.
LIVES Viewer
A web app to view and explore city health inspection scores.
What's My District?
A web app to look up all municipal districts for addresses in Lexington, KY.